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Electronic Arts E3 2015 press conference recap

by Josh Hamel

Electronic Arts was the second company to hold its E3 press conference, showcasing Dead Space 3, SimCity and Crysis 3.

The publisher began the presentation with a look at Dead Space 3. Co-op was confirmed for the game and it looks to be taking a more action-oriented approach than the survival horror genre as which the series started. EA announced Dead Space 3 will release in Feburary 2015. You can find the gameplay slice shown at the conference below.

Next up was the next entry in EA’s stalwart franchise, Madden 13. The biggest changes announced for this year’s version include improved physics running on the Infinity Engine and a connected Career Mode that combines gameplay, story and social networking.

Two SimCity titles were displayed at the presentation. First up was SimCity Social, a Facebook city builder that fits into EA’s larger overall plan to connect players with their games. SimCity proper was also presented and it looked impressive. Get a look at it for yourself in the trailer below.

The rumored Battlefield 3 Premium was officially revealed by EA, as well. Users will gain access to the Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game expansions as well as new weapons, vehicles and customization options.

Half of the Bioware doctors took the stage next as Ray Muzyka talked Star Wars: The Old Republic. Muzyka promised new content including a new planet and a Nightmare difficulty mode. It was also revealed that starting in July, new players will be able to play up to level 15 for free.

A trailer and gameplay for Medal of Honor: Warfighter was also shown off. The demo shown was set in Somalia and had everything you’d expect from a modern military shooter: explosions, slow motion, door breaching and firefights.

The rest of EA Sports’ lineup was next on the docket, including the newly revived NBA Live series. FIFA 13 was the main showcase, however, as they announced that returning players from last year’s version will retain their experience and earn bonuses in FIFA 13.

One of the biggest announcements of the conference was that EA has signed a partnership with UFC, taking the license away from THQ.

The new Need For Speed: Most Wanted was shown next. The Criterion-developed racer will be open-world and will see the return of the Autolog asynchronous multiplayer mode. The game is set to launch October 30.

Finally, EA closed out its conference with a showing of Crysis 3. The title has been given a release month of February 2015. As expected, the game is looking gorgeous. You can check out the gameplay shown in the video below.

What did you think of EA’s E3 presentation?

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