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My First Tropical Vacation Was in Greece

How about a tropical vacation? That was the question my wife asked me. I asked her where, and I was a little bit sarcastic and said, “On a Greek island in the Mediterranean?” Se responded with an emphatic, “Yes!” Well, I was a bit dumbfounded not knowing if she was serious or sarcastic about my sarcasm. So, she took me by the hand and showed me on her tablet. The clear blue skies and the sunshine got my attention right away. Oh, it was sunny at home, but the temperature outside was 18 degrees Fahrenheit. The ground was frozen solid, and there was a foot of snow covering everything. Yes, a vacation on a Greek island in the Med sounded great!

We actually quickly recruited some friends and family to go with us for a week. There was one villa not currently booked for a week, so we took it. It had room for eight guests, so we split the costs and this made a tropical vacation in the middle of winter very affordable to us. The kids got into the swimming pool before we even had time to unpack our suitcases. Our son was actually wearing swim trunks underneath his pants he wore on the plane. He was ready to jump in as soon as he saw the pool. We actually carried his clothes up to the room as he was not wasting a moment getting into the crystal clear blue water out in the sunshine and heat of our island villa.

I wanted to try some Greek food as soon as possible. I had not eaten for 14 hours, and I was salivating thinking about traditional Greek food. We got into town and I ate like a starving man. The vacation was enjoyable in different ways for all of us, and we all had a fantastic time at our luxury villa. It did not seem so wintry when we got home as we brought some summer home with us in our memories of Greece.

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