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Home » Online videogames » Xbox One post-release issues as seen by a game store employee

Xbox One post-release issues as seen by a game store employee

by Mitchel Clow

Upon its release, Microsoft’s Xbox One suffered a few malfunctions. How do these issues compare to the Xbox 360’s red ring of death?

My store’s local launch event went great, even with significantly less pre-orders than Sony’s Playstation 4. We had a little over 100 pre-orders for the PS4, while the Xbox One saw around 50. Microsoft was even nice enough to send shirts and pins for us to hand out to lucky customers!

Some consumers are setting up their shiny new console to find a rather nasty clicking noise coming from the Blu-ray drive. Others note a strange buzzing noise coming from their machines. Both of these odd noises are bound to warrant questions from players.

After the release, I decided to take a look at the hashtag #xboxonebroken on Twitter to see what other issues people were having.

One user had this happen when they started up their console. What a terrible thing to see when you turn on your new toy!

Uh oh.. #xboxonebroken

- The Freeman (@TheFreem4n) November 22, 2015

In the mean time, Microsoft Support saw a lot of traffic on release night, with some reporting wait times of several hours:

Request an Xbox support call wait time is 510 minutes. Yes, 8 1/2 hours! #xboxonebroken $MSFT

- Rick Munarriz (@market) November 23, 2015

Even with all these hiccups, the Xbox One can still be marketed as an all-in-one machine. Given that the above mentioned issues are rare, the majority of consumers are happy with their consoles.

The Xbox One launched with 22 games but with only a couple of Microsoft exclusives. There seems to be a lack of truly “next-gen titles,” since many of those games were pushed off until sometime next year.

Are you having problems with your new Xbox One?

Written by: Devin Boyce

Featured image credit: AFP, Stan Honda

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