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save glitch is breaking game files

by Mitchel Clow

An unfortunate glitch in one of the major cities in the recently released Pokemon X and Y forces players to restart their entire game, erasing their progress so far.

The save glitch happens in the formidably large Lumiose City, the one right after the first Bug-Type gym.

To activate the game-breaking glitch, players need only save anywhere in the city itself. Once activated, a loaded save file will not allow the player to move, freezing where they last saved.

Reports from fans have claimed that the glitch only happens when saving near taxis, when outside, or when in certain locations of Lumiose City.

For reference, below is a detailed fanmade map of Lumiose City (click for larger).

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official word from Nintendo on the game-breaking Pokemon X and Y glitch. In order to remedy this save issues, Nintendo would have to distribute a downloadable patch for Pokemon X and Y.

The glitch appears to only be happening to certain copies of Pokemon X and Y, but does not segregate digital vs. physical copies.

Pokemon X and Y released on October 12, and have gone on to receive rave reviews and stellar sales.

Hypable’s Pokemon podcast Poke Chat is currently doing a series of live YouTube episodes, wherein they play through Pokemon X and Y gym by gym, and then record their first thoughts on all of the game’s new features.

To get caught up with their first episode, check it out here. To learn more about the live episodes and Poke Chat, follow this link.

Have you encountered this ‘Pokemon X’ and Y’ save glitch?

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