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re excited

by Mitchel Clow

The sixth generation in the series, Pokemon X and Y have a lot of promising features! Here’s what we’re excited about for Pokemon X and Y.

Ever since the January announcement of Pokemon X and Y, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the games! Now, after what feels like a year of waiting, the big day’s finally arrived!

The best features of the sixth generation of Pokemon are brand new to Pokemon X and Y, creating amazing new opportunities for trainers!

3D graphics

Seeing battles in 3D on a handheld will be amazing. The moving camera angles and 3D models of the creatures will surely blow us away.

Walking around in the overworld in 3D will also prove amazing, given the ability it adds to movement

Riding Pokemon

Not only will riding on Pokemon look super cool, it will also allow us to do something in the overworld that we never could before: jump over ledges. Any Pokemon trainer can relate that this is one of the most frustrating parts of the older games.

Mega Evolutions

Old favorites will be changed forever (in battle) holding special Mega Evolution stones. One of the coolest additions to the Gen. VI Mega Evolutions thus far is Mega Charizard X. Fire/Dragon typing FTW!

TONS of new Pokemon

We haven’t even scratched the surface from all of the Pokemon officially confirmed for Pokemon X and Y. We’re, naturally, most excited for this. We can’t even imagine all of the possibilities of new creatures Game Freak has in store!

Watch the original announcement trailer for Pokemon X and Y below!

For more speculation on Pokemon X and Y, and to follow a live playthrough of the games, listen to Hypable’s Pokemon podcast, Poke Chat!

What are you most excited about in ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Y’

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