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Poke Chat playing through live on GoogleHangouts!

by Mitchel Clow

With the new games Pokemon X and Y coming this week, Hypable’s Pokemon podcast Poke Chat will stream live episodes of their playthrough reactions! Get times and days of those here!

The schedule for the live episodes of Poke Chat’s live Pokemon X and Y playthrough reaction episodes are as follows:

-Wednesdays (starting on October 16) at 7pm EST

-Saturdays at noon EST

We’ll be playing through each Pokemon gym for each episode (off camera), culminating with the defeat of the Elite Four!

And if you want to listen back or watch the episodes later, no worries: they’ll be on our YouTube channel forever, and will also be in iTunes as episodes.

You can feel free to play along with our pace, or go at your own and listen to our fun speculation and reaction as we play through Pokemon X and Y.

While you’re waiting for the broadcasts to start, get caught up on Poke Chat via Hypable’s archives of the show!

Episodes 1, 2, and 3 can be found on their respective numbers, while the rest can be found here in the podcasts’ archives.

If you prefer, subscribe to Poke Chat in iTunes.

Watch our latest live episode, where Mitch and Devin discuss the promotion and the Gen. VI starter evolutions, below!

About Poke Chat

Poke Chat recaps the old episodes of the original TV show, starting all the way back from when Ash Ketchum leaves Pallet Town with his reluctant Pikachu.

The podcast also has an awesome weekly segment called Poke Fun, in which they highlight an interesting creature for what makes it unique, find amazing Poke Facts about the series as a whole, and Poke Memories for the featured Pokemon of the anime episodes recapped in the given episode of Poke Chat.

The Pokemon podcast also follows all of the latest breaking news in anticipation of the October 12 release of Pokemon X and Y.

To follow each individual host on their twitter accounts, click their given hyperlink.

-Poke Chat (official Twitter) -Mitch (main host) -Jack (news host) -Arielle (Lord Arceus) -Simone (episode recapper) -Devin (Poke Fun coordinator)

Make sure to check back to both Poke Chat’s official Twitter, Facebook group, and a half hour before each live broadcast for the YouTube stream.

Are you getting ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Y’?

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