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Home » New videogames » Opinion: End of gaming industry in sight?

Opinion: End of gaming industry in sight?

by Momo

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With the recent rumor about the possible next generation of PlayStation, I have come to the conclusion that if many of the mainstream companies that produce games/systems don’t shape up soon, they should just abandon ship.

Let me start by referencing this rumor. I am a hardcore PlayStation girl, always have been. I owned the original PS1, the PS2, and have played the PS3 multiple times. PS1 was all right, not really good or bad; really sleek, easy controller design, though (which has been a pretty stable point for PlayStation). PS2’s were beautiful, introducing backwards compatibility that everyone came to adore, and allowing for games like Kingdom Hearts (1 and of course, Mario and Donkey Kong (for which there is no need to elaborate). Then the SNES and the N64 came about, continuing the impressive work. Each system gave new, exciting games, good graphics, and very few drawbacks (sure, you had to blow in the cartridges sometimes, but who didn’t?). The Game Cube was also very impressive, but I think it was the first system that had any real problems (discs not spinning, lid not closing), but those mainly came about from poor ownership. While their “floor” systems, I’ll call them, were taking the world by storm, so were their handheld ones. The Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, DS-light, and finally the 3DS are all still just as popular and used as ever. Sure, PlayStation has tried (and been semi-successful) with handhelds, but no one played a PSP or PS Vita when they were kids. Nintendo has also managed some backwards compatibility in a fair amount of its systems, even allowing for some of its handle held games to be linked to their “floor” consoles. With good graphics and a healthy respect for the fan base, I feel Nintendo is doing really well, and I only hope that PlayStation (aka Sony as I know some of you will point out) and Microsoft will follow its lead.

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