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Hypables top 3 browser-based games

by Anna Roberts

Over the past couple of years, Facebook games such as Farmville and The Sims Social have overshadowed the recent efforts from other gaming websites. In this post, we’ll highlight a few of our favourite browser-based games that you really shouldn’t miss!

With hundreds of excellent games to be found on the internet, it’s very difficult to list the best of them. The three games that follow might not be the best browser-based games you’ll find, but they’re three superb examples.

1. Final Ninja

Genre: Action

It’s difficult to pick only one of Nitrome’s games for this list, but Final Ninja gets the spot. Never thought playing a game in a 600 x 400 window could feel epic? After playing Final Ninja, you might well change your mind. In this game, you play as a ninja and jump, swing and stealth around the map. The gameplay is fluid, quick and exciting. Levels are relatively short, but the complexity within each of them ensures that you can’t fly through them in 30 seconds. A special mention must go to the soundtrack – it’s of a very high standard for a browser-based indie game and doesn’t become tiresome even when left looping for dozens of levels. If you play one game from this list, play this. There’s also a prequel: Final Ninja Zero.

2. Insaniquarium

Genre: Strategy; action

This one is a classic. Insaniquarium starts off slowly. In the first couple of levels you might ask yourself: “what’s insane about this?” All you have to do is feed and protect your aquarium; building up enough funds to buy the egg pieces to unlock another creature for your tank. As you progress through game, the levels become more and more chaotic. The game evolves into a complex test of your micro-management skills. It’s fun, it’s addictive and it’s challenging.

3. Dropsum

Genre: Puzzle; strategy

Now for something a little different. Don’t be scared off by all the numbers – DropSum is not a maths game. Well, as long as you can count to nine, you should be okay. Instead, it’s about logic. All you have to do is drop numbers into the grid so that rows and columns add up to nine. When a number is matched four times, it disappears, and the numbers above it drop down, often causing chain reactions. It starts off fairly straightforward, but as the rounds progress, trickier numbers will be drawn with increasing frequency.

It is a game that requires some thought, but DropSum is intensely rewarding when you get it right. Keep an eye out for your score at the end. You’ll be given a tongue-in-cheek rank displaying your intelligence – from reality show host to ninja to chess club captain; a nice little touch that encourages you to play again and beat your score. If you like this, check out DropSum Colours.

We know that we could’ve made this a top 100 list and still missed out dozens of games – let us know what your top 3 would be in a comment below!

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