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Geek Gifts: Adorable varsity jacket

by Donya Abramo

Hit the ground running on your quest to be a Pokemon master! This week’s Geek Gifts tells you where to get your very own Pokemon jacket and Maze Runner buttons.

Geek Gifts is a weekly feature article written by Donya Abramo and Karen Rought. With every installment, the duo picks out a fandom-related item they’ve recently come across and describes it in loving detail. There are no product placements here. We only talk about items we’re excited to share with the rest of the world.

Your Geek Gifts come in a variety of ways, be it jewelry, clothing, games, or something else entirely. We strive to remain unbiased, and we plan on constantly expanding our own horizons as we search for new and interesting pieces. The only requirement is that it must give us the burning need to open our wallets and throw money at its creator.

To say that I’m excited about Nintendo’s upcoming Pokemon Go game for the mobile platform would be an understatement. Since it was announced, I’ve been playing the recently-released – and incredibly addictive – Pokemon Shuffle on my iPhone in anticipation of it. You’d all be horrified at the amount of time I’ve sunk into this game. No, seriously.

With all this Pokemon fever hitting me this week, I knew the only thing for it was to choose a related product for Geek Gifts. Thankfully, I knew just the item I wanted to feature! I’ve been a fan of Player1Clothing for a while – and own one of their Gallifrey University jackets, so can attest to their quality.

I’m completely in love with this blue Oak Research varsity-style jacket. It’ll make the perfect accompaniment for any aspiring Pokemon master on their journey. Sing it with me now “I want to be the very best-“

Price: $55.17 | Player1Clothing

Maze Runner is still new enough that there aren’t many pieces of merch out there yet, but that just makes finding the perfect item even more rewarding.

Enter these adorable buttons featuring various glazers. I love chibi versions of just about anything, and this is no different. Look at tiny Thomas! Look at baby Minho! Look at blushing Alby!

I love buttons because you can put them on anything – backpacks, purses, your clothes, etc. Or get enough of them (like me) and you can make a board out of your collection for a cool conversation piece to hang up in your room.

These are a great price for the number you get, and it’s always fun to get a set so you can place them in groups according to your favorites, your ships, etc.

Price: $8.00 | LycorineArt

Which item caught your fancy this week? The ‘Pokemon’ jacket or the ‘Maze Runner’ buttons?

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