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Diplomatic cargo and mail

      In the carriage of goods, there are a number of specific points that are regulated not only by the rules of carriage, but also by agreements at the international level. Today, diplomatic relations between states are developing quite actively. The number of employees in the embassies of foreign countries is constantly increasing. This requires full support of the process, the delivery of diplomatic cargo and mail.

         On the site, you can study in more detail information on diplomatic relations, diplomacy, organization and support of diplomatic activities, including the transportation of diplomatic cargo and mail. Thus, all information on the activities of diplomats, modern and traditional diplomacy is presented here.

        The need to send diplomatic cargo arose from the moment diplomacy appeared as a phenomenon, a process of relations between states. To ensure the normal operation of diplomatic missions, it is necessary, first of all, to carry out the delivery of personal belongings of diplomats, as well as the transfer of mail.

       Also, here it should be borne in mind that just as diplomats themselves enjoy complete immunity, diplomatic cargo, mail, are also transported in special modes. According to the rules and legislation, diplomatic cargo and mail are not subject to customs inspection. Thus, diplomatic goods are subject to customs clearance without customs inspection, even if they are sent abroad.

       Depending on the consignment and the country of destination, diplomatic cargo can be shipped in one or more places by freight transport, which provides regular transportation between states. Also, if the cargo is sent in a separate consignment, by a vehicle that provides transportation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in this case, the cargo is subject to customs clearance without any additional requirements for inspection.

        Each consignment of diplomatic cargo and mail must be accompanied by a special document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the country’s representative office in another state. The special regime for the carriage of diplomatic cargo and mail is regulated by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Thus, all countries are required to comply with the rules governing the transport of diplomatic cargo and mail.

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