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Home » History of videogames » Xbox One version also confirmed (updated with box art)

Xbox One version also confirmed (updated with box art)

by Mitchel Clow

Another landmark in the Disney video game was hit today when it was revealed that a Kingdom Hearts III Xbox One version was also in the works.

Update: The official FaceBook page has added placeholder box art for Kingdom Hearts III Xbox One version.

The news of a Kingdom Hearts III Xbox One version was announced on the video game series’ official FaceBook page.

The message that revealed Kingdom Hearts III Xbox One reads:

Kingdom Hearts is coming to Xbox One® and PlayStation®4!

KINGDOM HEARTS III features a mature Sora as the main protagonist who sets forth on an adventure with Mickey, Donald and Goofy through new and legendary Disney worlds. KINGDOM HEARTS III will make full use of next generation console technologies to showcase a stunning universe packed full of worlds based on Disney properties.

In development for Xbox One and PlayStation

The reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts III was shown off at last night’s E3 2015 Sony press conference. Watch that trailer below.

As the message on the FaceBook page states, Kingdom Hearts III will focus around a more mature Sora as he travels to brand new Disney worlds. This means that Sora will act more adult, and that we will be seeing brand new worlds based off of Disney properties previously untouched in the Kingdom Hearts series.

It’s a relief to see that Mickey, Donald, and Goofy will once again accompany Sora on his journey. Although the side games for the handheld consoles have been fun, it wasn’t exactly the same playing through games like Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance without those Disney characters always by your side.

If we had our pick, we’d hope that some Pixar worlds were considered for Kingdom Hearts III. Could you imagine hanging out with Buzz, Woody and the gang while fending off a Heartless invasion? We sure can.

What does ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ coming to the Xbox One mean for the series?

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