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Home » History of videogames » Video game roundup: Draw Something 2’ announced

Video game roundup: Draw Something 2’ announced

by Mitchel Clow

Final Fantasy X-2’s HD treatment, a sequel to the popular Draw Something smartphone app, a Wii U listing for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a Borderlands animated short film, and record numbers for League of Legends make up today’s video game news in brief!

Final Fantasy X was already announced for an HD remake for the PlayStation 3, but now the sequel to the game originally for the PlayStation 2 will be included. It was reported by that X-2 will be included on the same Blu-ray disc for the PS3 version, but as a separate title for the PlayStation Vita.

Borderlands will see a short animated film treatment later this year, according to The film is being made by students of the Academy of Art University, in conjunction with 2K and Gearbox.

2K studios stated that the short animated film will come about from “teams of students who will create original short stories that take place inside the Borderlands universe.” The stories created by the Art University interns will later be voted upon by a judges panel, leading to the best of the best being released as cannon content for the series.

Deux Ex: Human Revolution for the Wii U was recently listed on, which is the first reference to the game coming to the Nintendo console. Although no longer up, the Amazon page originally toted a $50 price tag and a May 7 North American release date for the “director’s cut” of the Square Enix game.

League of Legends has hit a new milestone of five million concurrent users. Riot’s MOBA has reached this mark less than six months after reporting peak concurrent summoner numbers of 3 million.

Draw Something 2 has been announced via Ryan Seacrest’s Twitter account. Developers OMGPOP posted the game’s logo shortly afterwards, with CEO Dan Porter taking to Twitter to confirm the news.

.@ryanseacrest thanks! So excited to confirm #DrawSomething2 is coming soon w/ new ways to draw & connect.…

— Dan Porter (@tfadp) March 18, 2015

Additional reporting: Anna Roberts

Featured image source: OMGPOP (DrawSomething 2 logo), Square Enix (FFX-2 Rikku)

Image source:

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