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Home » History of videogames » The Ohio State University marching band covers video games from Zelda to Pac-Man

The Ohio State University marching band covers video games from Zelda to Pac-Man

by Rachel Sprague

Have you seen this incredible halftime show yet from Ohio State’s marching band? Prepare to be impressed as you watch them perform classic video games from Tetris to Zelda.

As far as halftime shows go, this has to be one of the best ever. The Ohio State University’s marching band (also known as TBDBITL – The Best Damn Band in the Land) shows their skills by creating formations representing an array of well-known video game characters and symbols.

We start off with the band blasting some targets from the classic Space Invaders, setting us up for the fantastic show ahead of us. Then the band morphs into two giant Pokeballs, which in turn become none other than the famous Pikachu.

This was the perfect crowd for this show, since the 18-20somthings are those who remember Pokemon so fondly. Gotta catch ‘em all!

And after Pokemon? A giant game of Tetris ensues.

This performance wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by the famous Mario! We get the coin boxes, along with the noises. How thorough. And then we get star power! The band even goes through the frantic music that happens during the Mario games when Mario gets star power.

There were even a Mario and Luigi on the field, but they’re a little hard to see.

We even see a little tribute to the modern phenomenon, Halo.

Enter the greatest part of the show – the triforce from The Legend of Zelda, which transforms into Link’s horse, Epona. And then it literally gallops across the field.

How amazing is that?

Princess Peach’s castle is then formed on the field, and we see Mario completing this level by riding the (Michigan) flag down to the ground. (If you are unaware, Michigan is Ohio State’s most bitter rival.)

Finally we get a look at the classic Pac-Man, with the Pac-Man being chased down by a ghost, which leads to the band spelling out GAME OVER.

What an incredible halftime show. Gaming and football – who knew they went together so well? Go Bucks!

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