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s new god game needs Kickstarting

by Anna Roberts

After reaching two million downloads of cube-tapping oddity Curiosity, Peter Molyneux’s team at 22cans have a new goal in mind: to bring back the god game. Godus aims to hark back to the good ol’ days of Populous, Dungeon Keeper and Black & White.

22cans are aiming for ?450,000 of donations to make Godus, the second of 22cans’ 22 experiments. Godus aims to combine the scope and ambition of the first god game Populous (also created by Molyneux) with Dungeon Keeper’s fantastic multiplayer and the innovation of Black & White.

Godus aims to be accessible to casual gamers but also have depth to its gameplay. The world will be influenced by your actions “whether good or evil,” and as you grow in power you’ll face off against other gods and their minions.

The game will be playable on mobile devices and PC, but 22cans hope to add further platforms as the Kickstarter campaign gets underway. Godus is expected to be ready by September 2015, an ambitious target to say the least, but 22cans added that this date may be pushed back if stretch goals are reached.

If you like the look of Godus you can pledge from now until December 20. Donating ?15 will get you a downloadable copy of the game on its release, access to the beta version, access to the 22cans developer webcam (yes, really), an in-game achievement, access to the making of Godus documentaries and a PDF of the Godus “design document.” Higher tiers give T-shirts, the chance to design an in-game character, framed Godus artwork and hand-engraved jewellery complete with a real diamond.

The reception so far appears to be one of cautious excitement. Of course, one of our favourite Twitter parody accounts got in on the act:

It’s time for a revolution. Remember this day for THIS is the day where the first TRUE multiplayer game was born #godus

— petermolydeux (@PeterMolydeux) November 21, 2015

You can find out more about Godus over at its Kickstarter page.

What do you make of Godus so far? Would you consider donating towards it? Let us know your thoughts below.

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