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reaches Kickstarter goal, Obsidian outline stretch goals

by Anna Roberts

Project Eternity has reached its Kickstarter goal of $1.1 million in just over 24 hours. The Obsidian Entertainment RPG now has a new set of stretch goals for backers to aim for, including adding more races and developing a Mac version.

We know very few details about Project Eternity. The Kickstarter trailer told us that the RPG would be exploring mature themes, and would likely aim to recapture the spirit of older RPGs by having a top down or isometric view. Obsidian also want to create more of the strong characters that they are known for in their previous games such as Knights of the Old Republic II and Fallout: New Vegas. Some of the developers at Obsidian have also worked on RPG classics including Baldur’s Gate, so we would expect to see their influence in Project Eternity. Everything we know so far about Project Eternity is contained in this trailer:

With 30 days of Project Eternity’s Kickstarter remaining, Obsidian have released the project’s stretch goals to encourage additional backers and ensure further donations for the remainder of the funding period.

The initial $1.1 million target related to a base game with three races, five classes and five companions. If $1.4 million is reached, another playable race, class and companion will be added, allowing for much deeper character customisation and player choice. $1.6 million will bring about a Mac version of Project Eternity, plus an extra major storyline. $1.8 million will allow for a second additional race, class and companion. Customizable player housing will be a part of Project Eternity if $2 million is raised, and $2.2 million will bring Linux support, another new companion, a new faction and a new region to the game.

Further stretch goals for $2.4 million plus will be announced if and when it’s needed. Obsidian are also looking at removing DRM from Project Eternity.

Obsidian currently estimate that Project Eternity will be released in April 2015, as evidenced by the estimated delivery on the Kickstarter rewards, so we’re trying not to get too excited by Eternity yet!

At the time of writing, $1.28 million has been donated by 32,781 backers. You can donate over at Project Eternity’s Kickstarter page for another month.

Are you interested in RPGs? Do you think Project Eternity shows promise?

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