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New generation VI and starters announced

by Mitchel Clow

At this morning’s Nintendo Direct video press release, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced a brand new handheld game for the 3DS, along with a new Pokemon generation and starters.

The three starter Pokemon are the grass type Chespin, the fire starter Fennekin, and the water starter Froakie.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be released in Japan, the Americas, Europe, and Australia in October of 2015, marking the first time that the series was simultaneously released worldwide.

The news was announced via Nintendo’s official streaming channel. A trailer was shown for the new Pokemon games, and can be viewed here along with the entire announcement on the official Nintendo Direct website, or just the trailer below.

Other notable parts of the trailer include a new male and female protagonist, a Pokemon Stadium esque camera, a new bird and forest legendary Pokemon, and full 3D graphics. This marks the first time a 3D camera for the main handheld game series is to be implemented.

According to the following tweet from Pokemon authority Bulbapedia, Pokemon X and Y will take place in France.

Here’s more evidence Gen VI is in France. Cartesian coordinates (you know, X & Y) were developed by Rene Descartes, a French philosopher.

— Bulbagarden (@Bulbagarden) January 8, 2015

The announcer in the trailer states the following:

Discover a breathtaking 3D world. Encounter new Pokemon. The more you battle together, the stronger your bond will become. Your new Pokemon 3D adventure is about to begin. Introducing, ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y.’ Coming worldwide October 2015.

What do you think?

Are you excited for the new generation of Pokemon to be announced? This marks about two and a half years since the release of Pokemon Black and White. Did this announcement come too soon?

More Poke fun

View screenshots from the trailer below.[scrollGallery id=1079 autoScroll=false thumbsdown=true height=350] Our Pokemon podcast, Poke Chat, will be recording a special breaking news episode tonight. In the mean time, listen to the latest episode here.

UPDATE: Listen to’s Pokemon podcast episode about this news here.

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