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Home » History of videogames » Humble Indie Bundle 6 ends, draws in $2 million

Humble Indie Bundle 6 ends, draws in $2 million

by Anna Roberts

In the final hours of Humble Indie Bundle 6’s sale it was touch-and-go as to whether the donations would reach the $2 million mark, but a final push from contributors, including a helping hand from the saviour of indie games, helped the Humble Indie Bundle across the line.

Humble Indie Bundle 6, a collection of ten indie games, had been available for two weeks using a pay-what-you-like system of pricing. Five of the games only became unlocked if users paid above the average price for the bundle.

In total, $2,048,506.50 was raised for charities and indie developers from the sale of 316,272 bundles. The bundle’s games are worth $135 altogether. The average payment from Windows users was $5.82, for Mac users $7.58, and for Linux users the average was a slightly more respectable $10.48.

Once again, Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson contributed with a huge donation, this time of $10,000, the largest single donation for Humble Indie Bundle 6.

The bundle originally included Space Pirates and Zombies, Shatter, Rochard, Vessel, Torchlight and Dustforce. A week into the offer four new games were added: BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Gratuitious Space Battles, Jamestown and Wizorb.

As with Humble Indie Bundle 5, the games’ soundtracks came as part of the package (save for Vessel’s). Each game was free from DRM, meaning you can transfer them from computer to computer freely. Steam keys were also made available for the games if users donated over $1.

It isn’t surprising that Humble Indie Bundle 6 raised less than half of its predecessor’s impressive $5 million haul, but we think it’s pretty clear to see that the bundle has still been a huge success.

The gap between Humble Indie Bundles 5 and 6 was roughly three months, so we’ve got our fingers crossed for either a Christmas or New Year Humble Bundle. If you need more pay-what-you-want goodness in your life, keep an eye on IndieGameStand, a website which offers a new indie game every four days for whatever price you choose.

Did you buy Humble Indie Bundle 6?

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