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Home » History of videogames » Bossa Studios launches new medical game Surgeon Simulator 2015’

Bossa Studios launches new medical game Surgeon Simulator 2015’

by Selina Wilken

Bossa Studios, the company behind the Merlin Facebook game, is launching a new online operation simulation game called Surgeon Simulator 2015 today.

Surgeon Simulator 2015 is a fun game for practicing your steady hand – if you’re not squeamish or afraid of a little blood splattering. We’d say that Walking Dead fans would probably get a kick out of this, or even Grey’s Anatomy watchers already intimately familiar with the work of doctors (although do not try this at home, kids!).

This feels almost like the classic board game Operation on a digital platform. The game allows you to literally play doctor as a patient lies in front of you, waiting for you to cut him open and reach in there with a variety of hilariously inappropriate tools (our favourite is the screwdriver), hunting for the heart. And it’s not easy, either! Only the most skilled players can beat this challenge.

If you want to try this game before you buy it, the demo version of Surgeon Simulator 2015 can be played online for free on Kongregate, and the full version can now be downloaded via Steam for €9.99 – although if you hurry, you can get it for €6.99! This special promotional offer ends April 22.

The full game features more different scenarios (like the almost unbeatable ambulance mode, a great soundtrack, and easter eggs), and a more complete gaming experience. The game is described as a, “darkly humorous over-the-top operation sim game,” allowing you to step into the shoes of the deliberately shaky-handed, would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, trying your best to perform these life-saving and complicated maneuvers.

Have fun! You can also follow the game on Twitter for more updates and content at @SurgeonSim2015. And if you want to see more of Bossa’s work, check out the Merlin Facebook game, which was developed last year for the BBC series.

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