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announced, first details revealed

by Anna Roberts

Bioware has announced the next title in the Dragon Age series, named Dragon Age III: Inquisition.

In a blog post on the series’ official website, Mark Darrah – the executive producer – officially revealed Dragon Age III: Inquisition, although we have known about its development for some time. Even though Dragon Age 2 was not deemed as successful as its predecessor, Dragon Age: Origins, the series and lore are still held in high regard.

Bioware has been working on Dragon Age III for two years, Darrah writes, with development “ramping up” over the past 18 months. The game is set to launch late in 2015, allowing for an overall development time of around three years.

In the open letter, it is revealed that Dragon Age III will use a new engine that should allow for a more open world style of gameplay, in contrast to previous installments which featured separate, small levels linked by a world map screen. Farrah also promises that Dragon Age III will have better visuals, more customisation (including armor and follower customisation) and, most significantly, better reactivity to player choices – expanding upon one of the trademarks of the Dragon Age franchise.

Darrah’s letter seeks to reassure fans that Bioware has been taking onboard fan feedback; several times he mentions that the development team are listening to fans. He also asks for patience, stressing that story details and footage will be released when they are ready to be, and not before.

While we are excited about a new Dragon Age game, we’re pleased that Bioware is able to take its time to get Inquisition right.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition follows Dragon Age: Origins (2009) and Dragon Age 2 (2011). The franchise, famous for its deep lore, dark fantasy and player choice, has sold around six million units in its three-year lifetime.

What hopes do you have for Dragon Age III?

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