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Right-angled Enix files trade name in the service of “Deus Ex: Defenceless Disobedience&#8221

Quadrilateral Enix looks to be justifiably augmenting themselves, if you purposefulness. They’ve neutral filed a unusual mark, single that hints the prospect of a unusual Deus Ex diversion or additional construct of media on the view.

The representation under, contribute via Neogaf operator “miladesn,” indicated that the mark was unequivocally filed through the owner and was accomplished so at present:

The entire signs spike to a 1 or prequel, about tenable on next-gen consoles, that retains the strain category of the about latest recreation in the program, 2011’s Android Putsch, unpaid to comparable have recourse to of the dialogue “hominid” in the legend. After that encore, miladesn him/herself affirm that it’s exceedingly reasonable that pertains to a Wii U harbour of the headline that longing divertissement accessory capacity and much. Or conceivably that is in the service of something added utterly. Null is set just now, and tho’ we not in a million years asked on that, we’re wound up however.

Could that be the head Eidos was announcing in Can hindmost time, which was trenchant on the side of developers to work up a “famously identified and well-thought-of energy/escapade caption, with elements of option and covertness indoor the gameplay”? The subtitle “intend[ed] to in actuality trespass of the novel platforms approaching in the following cardinal being to fix up with provision an practice with unparralled naturalism, profoundness and import in support of sportswoman energy and pick.” and needed the followers cane:

  • Cinematics Head
  • Elder Gameplay Technologist
  • Escort Technological Developer
  • Plain Artists
  • Complex Creator
  • Prompt Creator
  • Conduct Coder
  • Eldest Technologist

All being well, we’ll recognize extra in a little while.

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