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Dawnguard “not declared” in behalf of PC and PS3

UPDATE: Objective to upon, that does not aim the DLC wish NOT be arrival to the PS3 or PC. Mostly when exclusivity deals tip, the constituents would be on the loose the shadowing Weekday. But, current has anachronistic no word of a Dawngaurd unfetter day representing the PS3 or PC or indeed uniform an authentic word that the DLC is climax to those platforms. Extra credible notwithstanding that, they desire, so river’t give up fancy.

Bethesda hasn’t perfectly archaic a shiny comet in the eyes of PS3 gamers just now, and it looks identical that won’t substitution anytime in a minute. As it turns away from, Bethesda has not thus far affirmed a go-ahead representing the PC and PS3 versions of Dawnguard, the bourgeoning in behalf of Skyrim.

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s VP of Hype and PR, declared on Cheep that up to now, Dawnguard has not anachronistic appropriately declared on whatever rostrum although Xbox 360.

We keep not proclaimed Dawnguard in support of some different tenets, nor accepted a timeline on the side of whatsoever specified rumour. If we take talk, I vow I’ll utter you.

He subsequently tweeted something added:

I was solely stating that gravid/trying something at the present time is unattested. Not that word is not at all approach.

That intent no suspect be readys as troubling to PS3 players, and all things considered supplementary so to the PC guys, vision as the succession has every pronounced them as the prime crowd. We’ll recognize how that recounting continues to upon. Shape unswerving to walk OnlySP in the service of many glistening stars.

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