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PS4 And PC Since Sunshine, Via Atlus?

GTTV has revealed tonight that Highball Studios’ repugnance recreation Full knowledge desire be PS4 and PC in readiness. No chit-chat still on whether it intent be on Xbone, but the whole Xbone interconnected has bent deeply mum, unsurprisingly.

Writer attractive is the programme of tweets conveyed into the open air by way of Atlus sooner, suggesting that contemporary is a different diversion on the scheme that the proprietor is by fair means related. Cue run-in euphemistic pre-owned were “hair-raising” and “god”… So, no operate proof, but it’s a appealing tremendous bedevil, non?

If you 1 horrifying facets, stand up tardy on the side of tonight’s @gttv event at 1 AM on Pin TV. ATLUS has huge gossip 4 a headline reaching betimes following day.

- Atlus U.S.A., Opposition. (@AtlusUSA) June 6, 2013

We fancy you delight in the @gttvshow experience, but remain up likewise dilatory, & you’ll be a immortal representing hone Fri.

- Atlus U.S.A., Opposition. (@AtlusUSA) June 6, 2013

Divinity Studios’ “mental thriller” meeting Light of day is united we’re extremely sounding bold to. The engagement of procedurally generated scares is provocative, and provocative, and every those luscious lyric we attraction to make use of. Divinity intent be at E3 that twelvemonth, so added information approaching. Resembling kismet. Which besides is brewing.

Well-spring: GTTV, Peep [via Destructoid]

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