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Amazon Game Studios unveiled, first title revealed


by Anna Roberts Mammoth online retailer Amazon is stretching out into video game development, with a focus on free-to-play, social games. Its first release is titled Living Classics, a Facebook game that looks to appeal to the pre-teen audience. In Living Classics, the aim is for the player to click on moving objects within scenes from classic children’s stories including Alice in ... Read More »

producers at Warner Bros


by Andrew Sims Following the success of one brick-heavy franchise, Warner Bros. is moving to another. A Minecraft movie is in the works after rights were secured by the studio. Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has acquired the film rights to the Minecraft franchise from the game’s developer, Mojang AB. Interestingly, the film is being billed as a live action ... Read More »

Humble WB Bundle available now, features more


by Anna Roberts Humble Bundles allow gamers to pay whatever they want for a bundle of games, and this time it is the turn of Warner Bros. games. Six titles are included in the Humble WB Bundle, including Batman titles Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The Humble WB Bundle, available for the next two weeks, allows you to choose a ... Read More »

Sony introduces PlayStation Collection with Infamous


by Josh Hamel Sony announced two new compilations as part of their PlayStation Collection initiative this morning with the God of War and inFamous franchises up first. The God of War Saga will collect all three console games in the series with the God of War Origins Collection (made up of two PSP games), the publisher announced on the PlayStation Blog this morning. So-called “exclusive content” will ... Read More »

E3 2015 trailer shows off gameplay


by Josh Hamel A haunting new trailer for Dishonored that shows off gameplay footage for the first time has been released for E3. Bethesda debuted the trailer on last night’s pre-E3 episode of GTTV. Check it out below. I’m expecting Dishonored to be playable on the show floor, and if that’s the case, expect a full write-up from me on the game. Read More »

movie gets new writer


by Anna Roberts After director Sam Raimi revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that he had left the World of Warcraft movie production team, doubts surfaced about the continued future of the project. Now we’ve heard that Charles Leavitt is penning a new script for the adaptation of Blizzard’s highly successful 2004 MMO. Charles Leavitt is perhaps best known for writing Blood Diamond and ... Read More »

: Hecarim Champion Spotlight

by Anna Roberts It’s been a month since the last Champion release, but today sees Hecarim, the Shadow of War arriving on Summoner’s Rift. Riot has uploaded Hecarim’s Champion Spotlight to give us a taste of what to expect from the rampaging centaur. With a focus on mobility, Hecarim looks like an enjoyable – and challenging – champion to play. ... Read More »

OUYA: a newcomer to the console market needs Kickstarting

by Anna Roberts The latest Kickstarter project to take the gaming world by storm is OUYA, an ‘open’ Android games console costing only $99. Its developers have assembled an impressive looking prototype and now need the funds to get the console ready for the market. OUYA aims to be truly ‘open’, for developers and consumers. Smaller developers will have a ... Read More »

Steam expanding to non-game software

by Josh Hamel Valve has announced its distribution platform for games will soon be carrying other software starting in September. The company announced the news earlier today on the Steam news page. While specific software has not been outlined for the launch, Valve has said many will include Steamworks functionality, allowing for automatic updating and cloud storage, among other things. ... Read More »