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The First Sofa I Bought

I did not buy my first sofa until I was nearly 40 years old. That is not to say I never had one before though. I have been living in the same flat for nearly half my life, and I tended to get people’s old furniture when they would go out and buy new. So, anytime anyone wanted to look ... Read More »

My First Tropical Vacation Was in Greece

How about a tropical vacation? That was the question my wife asked me. I asked her where, and I was a little bit sarcastic and said, “On a Greek island in the Mediterranean?” Se responded with an emphatic, “Yes!” Well, I was a bit dumbfounded not knowing if she was serious or sarcastic about my sarcasm. So, she took me ... Read More »

Using a Payday Loan when Money is Really Tight

I am a strong believer that you pay your own way as much as you can. Don’t get me wrong, I also believe that people deserve help when times are tough. I also believe that you should not take advantage of something. I do not care if it is public assistance or credit, you should be responsible and smart. For ... Read More »